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Sweet brother, if I do not sleep
My eyes are flowers for your tomb;
And if I cannot eat my bread,
My fasts shall live like willows where you died.
If in the heat I find no water for my thirst,
My thirst shall turn to springs for you, poor traveller.

Where, in what desolate and smokey country,
Lies your poor body, lost and dead?
And in what landscape of disaster
Has your unhappy spirit lost its road?

Come, in my labor find a resting place
And in my sorrows lay your head,
Or rather take my life and blood
And buy yourself a better bed

-Or take my breath and take my death
And buy yourself a better rest.

When all the men of war are shot
And flags have fallen into dust,
Your cross and mine shall tell men still
Christ died on each, for both of us.

For in the wreckage of your April Christ lies slain,
And Christ weeps in the ruins of my spring:
The money of Whose tears shall fall
Into your weak and friendless hand,
And buy you back to your own land:

The silence of Whose tears shall fall
Like bells upon your alien tomb.
Hear them and come: they call you home.
Thomas Merton


William Evelyn Osborn [1868-1906] 
Beach at Dusk, St Ives Harbour (ca.1895)

Live Sand Dollars. Most people probably don’t realize that sand dollars are not those bone-colored shells that we are all used to seeing. They are a type of starfish that’s fuzzy, and in the case of these, with a slight purple tint. They sit at all angles on the bottom of the ocean. What we normally see is the outer shell after the fuzz has died off and left nothing but the skeleton.

Arkhip Kuindzhi - After a Rain

So my today my friend accidentally sent a rage text to our boss. It was meant to go to her friend, who is not a coworker. The boss guy was a real idiot about it, proving in my mind that he is just as crappy as she painted him in her rage text. (She called him immediately and apologized, but he was petty). Tomorrow she has to go talk to him and some other people in authority about it and I am hoping it goes well.

"When we are subject to passions - I mean those of the soul, such as conceit, vanity, anger, slyness and demonic pride - under the influence of these passions we think that all people are blameworthy and no good. However, we have not been commanded to require love and justice from others, but it is our own duty to fulfill the commandments of love and to be just."

- Father John, “Christ is in Our Midst! Letters from a Russian Monk” (via audaciousadorablosity)